At Asbestos Surveys Essex, we specialise in conducting meticulous Asbestos Demolition Surveys. A critical requirement for any demolition project in Essex, London, Kent, and the South East. Understanding the potential risks of asbestos is crucial, and we are here to ensure your demolition projects proceed safely and in compliance with all regulatory standards.

Furthemore, this type of survey is used to locate and describe, as far as reasonably practicable, all asbestos containing materials. Located to specific areas where the refurbishment work will take place or in the whole building if demolition is planned. Also, the survey will be fully intrusive and involve destructive inspection. This is necessary, to gain access to all areas, including those that may be difficult to reach. Refurbishment and Demolition surveys may also be required in other circumstances. For instance when more intrusive maintenance and repair work will be carried out or for plant removal or dismantling.

Why We Are Preferred Choice for Asbestos Demolition Surveys?

  • Industry-Leading Expertise: Our team, with over 20 years of experience, comprises fully qualified surveyors holding the P402 qualification as a minimum. Their in-depth knowledge and experience ensure that every aspect of asbestos is thoroughly investigated and reported.
  • Compliance with Regulations: We strictly adhere to the HSE regulations, including the Control of Asbestos Regulation 2012 and Asbestos: The Survey Guide (HSG264). Our surveys are designed to meet and exceed current legal requirements, providing you with peace of mind that your project is compliant.
  • Comprehensive and Accurate Surveys: Our surveys are thorough, covering every potential asbestos-containing material. Any samples taken are analyzed in a UKAS accredited laboratory, ensuring accuracy and reliability in our reports.

The report provided will include:

  • Property/building address
  • Type of survey undertaken
  • Areas included in the survey
  • Location(s) of the ACMs (building identifier, floor number, room identifier and position within room/space)
  • Likelihood/extent of accessibility/vulnerability
  • Level of identification (confirmed, strongly presumed, presumed)
  • Quantity of ACM present
  • Type of asbestos present
  • Condition of identified ACM
  • Product type – Thermal insulation, wall panels, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, etc
  • Material risk assessment score (high, medium, low or very low)
  • Recommended action to reduce risk of exposure to asbestos to acceptable level

Need Our Deomlition Asbestos Surveys?

If you’re in need of a reliable and professional asbestos survey, look no further than Asbestos Survey Essex. Nonetheless, our team of highly skilled experts is fully equipped to handle all your asbestos-related needs. From commercial buildings to residential properties, we have the expertise to conduct comprehensive surveys that meet all legal requirements.

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