Frequently asked questions about our Asbestos Survey Services.

Why should I have an asbestos survey, and what is one?

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 came into force on 06 Apr 2012 (consolidating the previous regulations) and contains a clear duty to manage asbestos on the owners and/or those responsible for maintenance in non-domestic or commercial buildings. It also sets minimum standards for the protection all persons affected by any work undertaken on asbestos within premises (including employees, building occupants, members of the public etc)

Failure to comply with these requirements is a serious offence, and can result in unlimited fines and potential custodial sentences of up to six months in prison.

An asbestos survey will enable the duty holder to identify and locate the asbestos, assess and manage the risks from the presence of asbestos and prepare a management plan as required by the Control of Asbestos Regulations. A survey will usually involve sample extraction and analysis to determine the presence of asbestos

What are the health risks from asbestos?

Exposure to asbestos can lead to asbestos-related diseases, mainly cancers of the lungs and chest lining. The risk to health occurs when asbestos fibres are released into the air and breathed in. Currently in the UK 4000 people a year die as a result of past exposure to asbestos Diseases caused by exposure to asbestos can be fatal and result life threatening illness such as malignant mesothelioma and lung cancer.

I have just bought a property. Could it contain asbestos?

Asbestos containing materials may be present in any commercial or domestic building which was built or refurbished before the year 2000, therefore it is possible that your newly purchased property could contain asbestos. In these circumstances, we could undertake a survey for you and provide a report confirming where asbestos has been identified.

How much will an Asbestos Survey cost?

The cost of a survey will depend on the size, complexity and age of building. It may be possible for us to provide you with a quote verbally over the phone or by email if sufficient information is available (i.e. building plans or measurements).

How long does a domestic property survey take?

Usually a survey will take up to 2 hours for an average 3 bed property. The survey report will be completed within 3 working days. This time can be reduced where requested.

How long does a commercial/industrial survey take?

The survey duration will depend on the size, complexity and age of building. The survey report will be completed within 3 working days. This time can be reduced where requested.

What will the survey report tell me?

The report will provide information on:

  • Property/building address
  • Type of survey undertaken
  • Areas included in the survey
    Location(s) of the ACMs (building identifier, floor number, room identifier and position within room/space)
  • Likelihood/extent of accessibility/vulnerability
  • Level of identification (confirmed, strongly presumed, presumed)
  • Quantity of ACM present
  • Type of asbestos present
  • Condition of identified ACM
  • Product type – Thermal insulation, wall panels, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, etc
  • Material risk assessment score (high, medium, low or very low)
  • Recommended action to reduce risk of exposure to asbestos to acceptable level

I suspect my domestic property may contain asbestos, what precautions should I take?

If you suspect that a material may contain asbestos, you should not disturb the material, or attempt any repairs or removal. You can treat the material as if it is an asbestos-containing material (ACM), or we can arrange for sampling and analysis to confirm asbestos content.

If you encounter damaged materials that you suspect are asbestos, you should make the area safe by preventing access by others. You can contact us for advice and never attempt to work with asbestos unless you have the appropriate training.

What is an asbestos management plan?

The Asbestos Management Plan describes how duty holders will manage the risks from ACMs throughout properties under their control; and comply fully with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012) and all other relevant legislation including the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

The Asbestos Management Plan demonstrates a commitment by the duty holder to comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012), outlining the arrangements to be implemented to meet the requirements of the CAR 2012 in identifying, assessing and controlling the risks associated with the presence of asbestos. The plan provides a structured approach, identifies and describe the roles, responsibilities and lines of authority, outlining procedures and systems for the effective management of ACM’s and associated health risks.

Information in survey reports are used to inform the risk assessment (i.e. consider who could disturb asbestos on the premises), and to establish the management plan to prevent such a disturbance